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linc.legal provides advice and assistance on all of your legal questions and potential issues.    

Our basic principle

You expect an honest, objective legal assessment of your situation. At linc.legal, that's what you get. Your case will be closely monitored by your regular, specialised and trusted lawyer. Any questions? Your lawyer is always there for you.  

"linc.legal has been providing us with professional legal advice for many years, the direct personal approach is a perfect fit for us."

Nicolas de Schutter - president Multi Masters Group

The right lawyer for your case

For every situation, linc.legal has just the right expertise. Your case is unique with its own complexity. We make sure the right lawyer is assigned to your case. We also work closely together with various partners at home and abroad, so that we can offer you the support you expect and deserve.

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“We don’t raise our voice, we try to improve our arguments.”

Desmond Tutu

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Reliable expertise and the right advice - since 1937

The foundations of linc.legal were laid when Richard Bruneel opened his law firm in Antwerp in 1937. When a few generations later the Bruneel & Vermeulen firm merged with the Van Dyck law firm, linc.legal really saw the light of day.

Today, we've grown into a valued and established law firm. Our specialised team provides tailored legal support and advice to entrepreneurs and individuals.

linc.legal is one of the oldest, fully fledged law firms at the Bar. We're proud of that history - and look to the future with healthy ambition. 

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Brechtsesteenweg 22
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Turnhout Office

Sint Antoniusstraat 16/2
2300 Turnhout

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